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Are you are nursing student or an alumni of a school? We have found the best sites offering college scrubs and nursing uniforms. You can find college scrubs embroidered with the college logo of your choice. Just compare the prices on scrubs below to find the best nursing uniforms featuring colleges.

Scrubs & Beyond College Scrubs - Find college scrubs at discount prices.

Life Uniform College Scrubs
Scrubs and uniforms for the top colleges. - Find sports scrubs of your college through there search.

College Scrubs

Collegiate and Original Design Scrubs - 15% OFF with Coupon Code SCRUBSDIRECT. Horses, Dolphins, Cats, Dogs, Lighthouses and more!

College Scrubs - Go Team! These NCAA licensed collegiate nursing scrubs are always a big hit on campus. Show your school spirit in more than a dozen fresh, vibrant colors.

Your College Scrubs Company - Add your Scrubs or Healthcare company here.